Waking up in a cold home can cause everyone in a household to oversleep and dread getting out of bed. Turning on the heater right before going to bed can prevent such a situation from happening, but sometimes it leads to disappointment. If you recently set your thermostat to warm up your home during the nighttime hours when the temperature is low and you still woke up cold, a heater problem is at hand. Either your thermostat did not come on as it should, or the furnace has a problem that has to be repaired. A problematic furnace is one of the main culprits of a heater not producing warm air.

Do You Have an HVAC System?

If you have an HVAC system and the thermostat turns the air conditioner on but not the heater, the thermostat is not likely to be the problem. If the thermostat does not turn on the air conditioner or heater, the thermostat might be damaged. You might not be dealing with a damaged thermostat or furnace if the problem is electrical. For example, you might need to check the electrical control panel for tripped circuit breakers. Turning a breaker back on might resolve the problem with your heater. If not, you need to call an HVAC contractor.

Is a Flame Glowing in the Furnace?

Your heater might not work because the furnace does not have a flame glowing. You can take a look at the pilot area of your furnace to see if a flame is glowing, and the flame should be blue. If there is no flame or the flame is not blue, it points to the pilot needing the attention of a professional. An HVAC contractor will either need to reignite the flame or the pilot orifice will need repair. Dirt may have clogged up the orifice as well, which a contractor can clean on your behalf.

How Old Is the HVAC System in Your Home?

If your HVAC system is old, maybe the furnace stopped working because it is too damaged. An HVAC contractor can tell you the age of your furnace by performing an inspection. He or she can also determine if the furnace is too old to bother with making repairs. It is possible that a portion of your HVAC system received new parts throughout the years, but the furnace has never been replaced. A furnace that has been in an old home for a long time is likely just worn out.

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