What do you do if your boiler starts to malfunction? Sometimes, homeowners are unaware of the risks associated with a faulty boiler. A broken boiler can cause extensive damage to your home, and it can even be dangerous to your family. Besides water damage from leaks, a boiler can also explode. Here are serious problems that require boiler repair services and how they fix them

1. Leaking  

Leakage can happen for several reasons, such as a build-up of pressure, a damaged seal, or a problem with the pipes and connections. A boiler unit repair technician will be able to identify the cause of the leak and seal it before there is extensive water damage. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace parts of the boiler or even the entire unit.

2. Low Boiler Pressure

Low boiler pressure can be caused by several factors, including a leak in the system, an issue with the expansion vessel, or a problem with the pressure relief valve. If left untreated, low boiler pressure can lead to a range of problems, including reduced heating efficiency and an increased risk of condensation and mold growth. To fix the problem, the pressure valve needs to be readjusted or replaced.

3. There Is No Heating or Hot Water

A lack of heating or hot water can be caused by a variety of issues, from a build-up of limescale to a broken pump or even a faulty thermostat. Whatever the cause, it's important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the boiler or disruption to your home. A boiler repair service can establish if the boiler has a faulty power system or if the heating element needs replacing.

4. Radiator Problems

Radiator faults are often caused by a build-up of sludge and debris in the pipes, preventing hot water flow. This can cause the radiator to overheat, potentially leading to a fire. Additionally, radiator faults can also cause the boiler to overheat and shut down, leaving you without heat or hot water.

In most cases, the boiler technician will simply need to flush out the pipes and clean the radiator. However, in some cases, they may need to replace the radiator altogether.

5. The Boiler Switches Off Frequently

If your boiler keeps switching itself off, there is likely a problem with the pressure sensor or the thermostat. This can be a very frustrating problem, as it prevents your boiler from providing heat or hot water when you need it. Fortunately, boiler repair services can quickly diagnose power problems or recalibrate the sensors.

As you can see, several serious problems can occur with your boiler. If you suspect an issue with your boiler, it's important to have it fixed by skilled hands. Call a boiler repair service if you experience any of these faults to get your boiler back up and running.