HVAC installation is vital to improve air quality and increase indoor comfort in your home. However, air conditioners consist of numerous components like fans and air ducts which may become damaged over time. When your AC gets damaged, AC repair is necessary. Unfortunately, you may not always know when to repair your air conditioner until it breaks down completely. So, how do you know that your air conditioner requires repair? Here are the common indicators.

Insufficient Cool Air Supply

Your air conditioner may be producing cool air, but you may notice little air blowing out of the vents. Thus, your home may not cool as expected. This could indicate clogged air ducts by debris, including dust and mold spores. Apart from impeding the cold air supply, these particles can contaminate the air and trigger allergies upon inhalation. Therefore, AC repair is vital to remove the debris in the air ducts, allowing an unrestricted supply of cold air while protecting your health.

Loud Noises

Generally, air conditioners are quiet when operating. Nevertheless, if you hear loud and unusual noises coming from your cooling system, this indicates problems. For instance, a grinding sound may mean that the AC's belt has moved out of position. Additionally, this could mean that the interior moving interior parts are experiencing friction due to corrosion. AC repair professionals can inspect your system, accurately identify the loud noise source, and perform appropriate repairs.

Bad Odor

Your AC shouldn't produce an odor when you turn it on. So, if your air conditioning unit has a burning smell, the system may be overheating, causing the wiring to burn. Also, if you turn on your AC and your home smells musty, this indicates mold growth in your system. Molds usually grow when there's condensation inside your AC. This may occur if the refrigerant level in your cooling unit is too low. In this case, AC repair entails fixing refrigerant leakage and refilling the refrigerant to the correct level.

Warm Air Supply

The role of an air conditioner is to cool your home. Hence, if you realize that your AC is blowing warm air, this is a sign of trouble. For instance, your cooling system's fan could be damaged, or the refrigerant levels could be low due to leakage. In such cases, AC repair entails fixing the broken fan and sealing the leak to maintain the ideal refrigerant levels. 

The signs of AC repair include loud noises, foul odor, warm air supply, and insufficient cold air supply. Consider hiring air conditioner repair services when you notice these indicators.