An air conditioning unit is a fundamental element in many households, predominantly in tropical regions. It is a vital system in providing optimum temperatures necessary for a suitable living and working environment. However, your AC unit will wear out over time due to its constant operations. The wear and tear can cause the unit to malfunction, which implies that no cold air will circulate in your home. This article looks at the reasons your AC isn't blowing cold air.

Clogging of the Air Filter

The filter nets down aerial particles flowing in the ductwork, preventing any damage to the unit. Accumulation of dust and debris in the filter will hinder the flow of air into your premise. Furthermore, a clogged filter causes stuffiness in your house since airborne particles will not be filtered out. Therefore, you should examine your filters regularly and replace them as often as your AC repair technician recommends. Doing this keeps the evaporation coil intact and prevents it from freezing.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting

Naturally, a wrong setting on your thermostat means the system won't blow cold air. For instance, if you set a high thermostat limit, you may not obtain the much-needed cooling in your indoor space. Furthermore, if you put your AC to 'On' rather than 'Auto,' it may not cool the air. 

Besides that, this issue can arise from bad wiring on the thermostat. In that case, you need to confirm whether the thermostat wiring is properly connected and insulated. After you have determined that, you should adjust the temperature to some degrees lower than the prevailing temperature in the house. You should also have your AC on the 'Auto' mode rather than 'On' to ensure that the AC cools the air.

Low Refrigerant Levels

If warm air blows through your AC, the refrigerant level could be too low to absorb any heat. You should therefore ascertain where possible leaks are to restrict the depletion of the refrigerant. Typically, leakage of the refrigerant fluid manifests in a hissing noise. Therefore, you should hire an AC repair technician to safely fix the refrigerant leak and replace it, as refrigerant is a dangerous chemical to handle.

It is imperative to have routine servicing for your AC to ensure it is cooling air as effectively as you desire. You should also schedule regular checks by an AC repair expert. During the maintenance checks, the professional will identify emerging issues and repair them right away before they become enormous.