A reliable air conditioner works effectively to help you beat the sweltering heat of the summer. But due to the excess use of the system during this season, the fan motor can develop mechanical issues. Owing to the critical function of the fan motor, you need to schedule AC repair services as soon you detect a failure. This article looks at subtle signs of a failing fan motor. 

Strange Noises Whenever the Unit Is Running 

When your fan motor is in trouble, you'll hear rattling sounds. On the other hand, problematic motor blades produce a buzzing or humming noises. Loose components in your motor can also bring about loud noises. You may also experience annoying sounds when the fan motors accumulate grime and dirt. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the sounds your AC produces during its operations. Any unfamiliar or loud noise necessitates an inspection and repair. 

Noticeable Airflow Problems around the House

Usually, a fan motor pumps air through the cooling unit. Therefore, mishaps in this component can lead to poor airflow. If left unrepaired, you may not have any cold air coming from your air conditioner. A faulty motor makes the fan rotate slowly and hence reduces airflow. Insufficient production of cold air from the system can make your summer days pretty uncomfortable. For this reason, it's time to call your HVAC contractor when you experience uneven cooling around your home.

AC Runs at Weird Intervals

If your air conditioner runs intermittently, the fan motor could be the problem. This component is likely to be overheating. Sometimes, this inconsistency can result from loose wiring or poor electrical connections. These issues force the system to shut down periodically without meeting the desired temperatures. It's prudent to let your AC repair technician handle these electric-related challenges to ensure safety.

Fan Won't Stop Even When AC Is Off

The fan blades should also stop when you shut off your air conditioner. Therefore, your motor has an underlying issue if the fan continues running even after shutting down the AC. At this point, you need a qualified technician to check the motor.

Certain parts, such as the resistor, can cause this trouble. The resistor is an intricate component, and failing to fix it in good time can lead to complete system failure. So call your AC repair technician as soon as this issue emerges. They will diagnose the problem and repair it immediately to avoid additional problems. 

You can tell your fan motor needs professional attention using the above signs. So do not ignore them, but instead, call your HVAC contractor for the necessary repairs.