Getting a new heater should be a relief. More efficient fuel use and better heating should keep you more comfortable. The type of fuel you use does play a role in how happy you are with the heater because fuel costs and risks can make one seem easier to use than another overall. When you choose your new heater, you might think you have to choose the same fuel as what your old heater used to use, but it is possible in many cases to change the fuel type.

Limited by What Your Area Usually Uses

Regions of the country have different fuel source availability. For example, most of the heating oil use in the United States tends to be in the Northeast. Gas and electric are common throughout the country, with electric being more common in the Southeast and gas more common in the Intermountain West and Upper Plains. That one fuel is more common does not mean you're stuck with that, but if you want to switch, you may have to do some rewiring or remodeling to accommodate the new fuel source.

New Laws About Gas

Gas as a source of pollution has become an issue in some states; California has even banned gas hookups in new construction. If the home you have is relatively new and currently has an electric furnace and you want to install a gas furnace, for example, you likely wouldn't be able to convert to gas.

Which Safety Issues You Prefer to Avoid

Any type of fuel that's ignited or power that's started carries some sort of risk. There's no escaping this; for example, gas can leak, and electricity can shock, so you take precautions to ensure the risk is as tiny as possible. If you have safety issues that you prefer to avoid, such as having a gas furnace in an earthquake zone where the gas could end up being a fire risk after severe shaking, then an electric furnace might be a better choice. If your home has an older wiring setup and an electric furnace would come close to tripping breakers and possibly shorting out the system, gas would be better.

When you have a heater that is efficient, that uses a fuel that is affordable, and that carries fewer of what you consider to be risks, you will find using the heater to be more enjoyable. A residential heater system installation will keep you very comfortable through the next cold snap.