One of the worst things to handle is a faulty kitchen appliance. A fridge is an essential appliance because it keeps your food fresh and prevents bacteria and other pathogens from spoiling it. However, it is one of the units that break down often due to the volume of work it performs throughout its lifespan. A good, quality refrigerator should serve you for close to a decade when you service it properly. However, you should also know some common refrigerator issues and how they present themselves. It is easy to call in a repair technician when you fully understand the complication you are handling.

Here are four solutions to common refrigerator issues.

When the Appliance Leaks Water

If you find yourself slipping on a pool of water around your refrigerator regularly, you should know that this usually happens because of a leak within the system. Your fridge could be leaking water because the defrosting drain is clogged. It could also occur when food bits and other debris stick and back up inside the hose. Ice also starts building up behind the blockage, leading to the puddle. The easiest way to fix the issue is by clearing the drainage pipe from inside the system. You could also use a pipe cleaning tool to remove the gunk in the system. The second cause is when the water supply pipe freezes. You can resolve this problem by checking the plastic pipe for blockages from grime or freezing water.

When Your Food Stays Warm

You might have noticed that your food is spoiling faster than before and that the chamber stays hot, even when you tune the thermostat. One of the leading causes of the problem might be the loss of the power in the cable to the fridge, which happens when you disconnect the chord. It could also be because of changes in the coolness settings or blockage in the fan to the condenser. The technician will assess all these possible causes.

Your Food is Frosty

Your food should never have frost when inside the fridge. The frost indicates that a part of the system has broken, and the typical culprit is the thermostat. First, you should locate the temperature control unit and turn it on to ensure it is functional. If not, call the repair technician to adjust it and restore its function.

Fridge repair is not one of those home maintenance jobs you should handle without professional help. Instead, you should call the technician to help troubleshoot and fix all problems leading to early appliance breakdown. Contact a refrigeration service near you to learn more.