Your commercial freezer is a large investment. Not just for the commercial freezer itself, but for the value of the items stored within the unit. If your commercial freezer fails at any time, you not only have the refrigeration repairs to worry about, you have your inventory to replace within the unit as well. To avoid costly repairs and the potential loss of frozen goods, it's wise to know when you need refrigeration repair.

Don't attempt to do any type of refrigeration repair on your own. If you accidentally have a refrigerant leak in your commercial freezer doing self-repairs, you put yourself at risk and the damage to the appliance may be too expensive or extensive to fix. It's best to call your HVAC contractor if you notice any of the things about your commercial freezer.

Uneven cooling

Are some parts of your freezer inventory so frozen they're stuck to the racks? Are other cooled items nearly thawed out before you even pull them from the unit? If your commercial freezer isn't cooling things reliably, then you need to have its thermostat checked out, see if there are refrigerant leaks or other concerns, or have the back of the commercial freezer checked to see if proper ventilation is occurring.

In some cases, simply replacing or repairing seals in the door of the commercial freezer can fix its cooling problems. Keep in mind that the sooner you address cooling issues in your freezer, the cheaper the repair costs can be in refrigeration repair.

Unreliable cooling

Does your commercial freezer kick on and off at random, or have an issue with keeping the cool temperatures you have the unit set at? Does the freezer cause other outlet issues or make the breaker trip often? Do you see pools of water or collected ice inside the unit, either in the back, on the floor of the freezer, or on the shelves?

Unreliable cooling in a freezer may mean the unit is failing, there are problems with the fan, or there are unresolved ventilation issues. The sooner you have your commercial freezer inspected for refrigeration repair, the better.

You'll get a quote for services from your HVAC contractor. Costs for this service vary depending on the age of your commercial freezer, what type of work you're having done, and other factors. Have your commercial freezer inspected regularly to help keep the repair costs at a minimum and to catch minor refrigeration repair issues when they are minor. Contact a refrigeration repair service for more information.