Although most homeowners are aware of the fact that plumbers can provide the standard services - unclogging drains, installing new fixtures, or fixing the main water line, for example - few are aware of just how versatile these professionals are. Below is just a few of the plumbing services that most people don't realize plumbers can provide. If any of them look like something you need in your house, contact a plumber to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Gas Line Expansion

If you've ever dreamed about having a brand new gas range installed in your kitchen, you'll need to contact a plumber to install it for you. This isn't just because gas line work is dangerous, but because gas line work is actually illegal in most states. Not only will you need to pipe it into the mainline, but you'll also need to secure it against any kind of leaks and prevent open heat sources from coming near it. It's a highly intricate process that requires a professional touch, so schedule plumbing services if this is a job you're wanting to take advantage of.

Bathroom Design

While most people know that plumbers are able to physically lay the pipes and install the fixtures that can give you your brand new dream kitchen, few realize that along with those skills are years of expertise and design experience seeing thousands of bathrooms over time. Not only that, but many have relationships with manufacturers to know what kind of technologies are approaching soon, which can allow you to receive them once they become available. While hardly any plumber would actually call themselves an "interior designer," there's no doubt that many of them have working knowledge in this area.

Improve Water Quality

Replacing broken water lines and fixing leaky water pipes is one thing, but improving your quality of life through cleaner, purer water is another. Nearly 85% of homes deal with hard water issues, which means there's a good chance that the pipes that you use to move water from place to place have their share of contaminants that are finding their way into your body. Plumbers can install water purification systems that integrate into your existing system that will not only deliver cleaner water that could improve your family's health but will also reduce the wear and tear on your pipes as well. Contact a plumbing service for more information.