Is your air conditioner blowing stinky air? Foul air can be caused by a variety of things, from poor air quality outside your home to clogged air filters or even dirty air ducts in the home. It's best to hire HVAC contractor services to assist you in diagnosing what is causing your air conditioner to blow stinky air since the problem can be more complex than you realize and trying to repair your air conditioner on your own can cause further damage.

Here are ways HVAC contractors can help you achieve better air quality in your home if your AC is blowing stinky air.

They can give your air conditioner an inspection

Ideally, your air conditioner should be inspected every year to ensure everything is operating as it should. An air conditioner inspection involves checking out the air conditioner unit itself, the accompanying filters and hoses, and the vents your AC runs through as well. Costs for an air conditioner inspection may vary, but average around $125 per service.

A thorough air conditioner inspection done by your HVAC contractors can reveal what is causing your air conditioner to emit foul odors. If there is moisture around the coils on your air conditioner unit, then mold can grow there, leading to a musty or other yucky odor. If the air filters are clogged, the air can smell sour or dusty. If air ducts and vents are clogged and dirty, then the odor coming from your air conditioner can vary; your HVAC contractors will diagnose what is causing the stinky air coming from your air conditioner then will come up with a treatment plan to help you have cleaner indoor air quality.

They can remove the odors or what's causing them

Once your HVAC contractors have determined what is causing the air in your air conditioner to be foul, they can make repairs to remove the odors. This often involves changing out the air filters, cleaning the ducts and vents to your air conditioner, and cleaning dust and debris out of your air conditioner. Once these services are completed, your HVAC contractors will turn the air conditioner back on to see if the odors are lessened or eliminated and may repeat cleaning and maintenance measures until indoor air quality is achieved.

If your air conditioner emits smoke or has a chemical odor coming from it, discontinue use and call for emergency HVAC contractors to come to your home. Mechanical failures in your AC unit should always be addressed professionally by an HVAC contractor.