If your old air conditioner barely made it through the summer, it may be time to think about an AC replacement. The fall of the year is an excellent time to have a new air conditioner installed, and then you can look forward to a cooler home next summer. Here's why autumn is a good time to get an AC replacement and some tips for saving money on your air conditioning costs.

Why Autumn Is A Good Season For A New AC

It's usually a good practice to have work done in the off-season for contractors. When AC contractors are less busy, you might get a better deal on both equipment and labor. If you need an emergency replacement in the summer or winter because your HVAC breaks down, you'll usually pay the most. AC contractors are busy in the summer, working on air conditioners, and then they get busy again in the winter when doing furnace repairs. So, if you don't need emergency help, schedule the work during the slow period, and as a bonus, the weather will be milder then so you can get by a few days without having to run your AC while the system is being installed.

How To Save Money On Your New Air Conditioner

New air conditioners come with various features and come in different sizes, so the prices vary. Start by having an HVAC contractor calculate the right size of AC unit for your home. An AC that's too large will run up your power bill and cost more initially. An AC that's too small won't keep you cool and comfortable. You'll probably want to buy an energy-efficient model so operating costs are low. Plus, an energy-efficient AC may qualify you for energy rebates that help cover some of the cost of your AC replacement. Look into rebates offered by the air conditioner manufacturer, your power company, and the government. Rebates may help you decide on the model to buy so you can receive the discount.

Another thing that affects the cost of your AC replacement is the amount of equipment you need to buy. It's common to replace the furnace and ducts at the same time so you have all new equipment that ages at the same rate. However, if your furnace is in good shape and the ducts are fine, you may want to keep them so you can save money. Your HVAC contractor can help you decide if it's a good use of your money to hold on to aging ducts and furnace or if it's best to replace everything at the same time.

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