As summer comes to an end, your commercial HVAC system will have to be ready to switch gears. You'll still need to blast the air conditioning for a little while, but cooler days are ahead and it's important that you are ready to keep your employees and customers comfortable. To that end, here are some commercial HVAC tips to keep in mind.

It's Time to Clean Out the Furnace

If it's been a while since the furnace has had to kick on, it's time to give it a once over. It's likely your furnace room has accumulated a bit of dust while sitting dormant. This would be a great time to get the entire system professionally cleaned and inspected. Remember that the more efficiently your furnace runs in the fall and winter, the lower your energy bill will be.

Check the Ducts

If your commercial HVAC system is responsible for maintaining the right temperature across multiple rooms or floors, it's important to remember the air duct system when doing your maintenance checks. If your ducts are clogged with dust or experiencing a leak, you are going to run into a situation where certain rooms might not be the same temperature as the rest of the building. Imagine walking into a conference room for the first time in a few days and finding out that everyone is going to be uncomfortable during an important meeting. A clean and efficient duct system will transported heated air in an even fashion as the mercury on the thermometer outside begins to drop.

Swap Out Filters

The end of every season is a great time to swap out any air filters that are being used by your commercial HVAC system. Starting the fall season with fresh filters will help ensure maximum efficiency as your system gets back into the flow of heating the building in the coming months. Clean air filters will help keep your energy bill down because the system won't have to work as hard to get the job done.

Contact a Professional

For best results, you should have a commercial HVAC professional out to your building or campus at least a couple of times per year, and the end of the summer is as good of a time as any to get that checked as you transition to a different type of weather in the fall. Reach out to a seasoned commercial HVAC contractor today to get started.