There is a hot new service product out there called the "home warranty." Some contractors will sell the daylights out of it to secure a little extra income, but it begs the question, "Is it worth it?" More to the point, one might question if such a product can cover your residential air conditioning repair, which is a major expense no matter how you cut the mustard. Here is why some HVAC contractors are recommending home warranty products, and how much of your A/C repair is covered by said product. 

The Home Warranty Guarantees Your Contractor That He/She Will Be Paid

A lot of homeowners generally cannot afford to pay their repair bills in full. Try as they might, it may be impossible for them to cover the costs the day of service, and even more difficult covering the bill in part or in full going forward. That may leave the contractor in the lurch, who has to find a way to get paid for services rendered. When there is a home warranty in place, one which definitely covers your A/C, then the contractor sent to do the repairs on your appliance knows that he/she will definitely get paid. 

You Pay a Little Each Month and You Get a Lot

There are limitations with a home warranty, of course, but the monthly "premium" is often worth it. For example, you may pay seventy dollars a month, but when your air conditioner goes on the fritz or needs to be replaced, it is replaced almost completely free of charge or restored to full working order for little more than the cost of a service call. Of course, you do have to select the service plan that your HVAC contractor suggests and keep up with the monthly payments to get these benefits. 

Read the Fine Print

Not all home warranty products are created equal. If your HVAC contractor wants to sell you a warranty product, read the fine print. This goes for any appliance, part, or service that is applicable to your situation and for which you are responsible to pay. It is a contract arrangement, and you have to agree to the terms and sign on the line. Make sure you are getting exactly what you want, and getting provisions for any future air conditioning repairs you may need. Then you know that you are covered, that the contractor gets paid every time, and that you will always have functioning air conditioning. 

For more information, contact a local residential air conditioning repair professional.