Heat pumps are now becoming used in homes more often because of how efficient and small they are. However, the technology of heat pumps can be quite unfamiliar to homeowners, causing it to not seriously be considered. Here are two questions many homeowners have about heat pumps.

How Does A Ductless Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump is essentially a space heater. It requires electricity in order for it to run, and does not need much else to heat your home. Where a space heater and heat pump are different is in the power and range that they have to heat your home. This is because a heat pump does not create heat like a space heater with electric coils. It actually moves the heat in a way that helps you stay warm in a more efficient way.

The basics behind a heat pump is that refrigerant removes heat from the air and then releases the heat in front of a fan that blows into your home. The process can be reversed to cool a home as well, by removing the heat inside the home and moving it outside. A heat pump will work in the same way as a forced air HVAC system. You have a thermostat that you can use to set the temperature, and even filter the air that it produces.

Where Does A Ductless Heat Pump Work Best?

Small rooms are ideal when using a ductless heat pump, since the heat comes from one spot within the room. It will feel warmer as you get closer to a heat pump, which is something to consider when placing the unit on a wall. It is not ideal to use fans to move warm air into other places, since the fan will cool off the warm air and be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve.

A heat pump also works best in certain climates where the temperatures do not drop below freezing levels. This helps prevent outdoor components of the heat pump from freezing, which will stop the heat pump from working.

If you are wondering if a heat pump will work well for your home, contact a local HVAC professional for assistance. They can provide an in-home consultation, provide a recommendation about if a heat pump will work, and handle the purchasing and installing of the pump if you decide to move forward with getting one.

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