If you are shopping for a new central HVAC unit for your home, you may be a little surprised when a salesman recommends a heat pump as an option. Even though the name of a heat pump implies home heating, these systems actually pull double duty and act as a central cooling system as well. You may be tempted to skip the heat pump and go with a different type of cooling system, and this is usually relative to some unsound misinformation. Here is a look at a few of the most common fallacies surrounding heat pumps as AC systems and the facts you need to know instead. 

Fallacy: Heat pumps are not as capable of cooling your home as a regular central air system. 

Fact: Heat pump air conditioners actually cool just as well as any other type of central air conditioning system. Some people don't even realize that a heat pump is capable of both heating and cooling, which is perhaps where this misunderstanding comes from. 

Fallacy: Heat pump air conditioners aren't really designed for cooling so they are not an efficient cooling option. 

Fact: Heat pump air conditioners offer the same basic principles of any regular air conditioner with a few exceptions. This air conditioner has a condenser, fan motor, and air filtration system just the same as any other unit. The primary difference is that a heat pump is capable of pulling hot air from your home, cooling it, and then sending it back inside. This action is incredibly efficient, so a lot of homeowners see lower cooling costs with a heat pump AC than with a regular unit. 

Fallacy: Heat pump ACs are more prone to expensive repairs. 

Fact: Heat pumps can last a really long time if they are properly maintained, and they really are not any more prone to problematic situations than any other unit. In fact, most homeowners find that their heat pump requires a little less upkeep than usual. If something does go wrong with your heat pump's heating or cooling features, it is typically a small issue that is easily handled. For example, the relay switch may go bad that directs the unit to respond to your thermostat inputs. 

Overall, a heat pump air conditioning installation in your home could be a really good choice for household cooling. Reach out to an air conditioning business such as Nova Air Conditioning & Heating for more advice about heat pump air conditioners.