Do you need to install a gas line in your home? If so, this is actually a job that a plumber can handle for you. Gas lines require some expertise to install, which is why it will cost you more to have a professional install a gas line rather than a standard water line. In addition to paying for the labor and parts, you'll have the peace of mind that the gas line was installed correctly. Here are two questions about gas lines you might be asking.

How Are Gas Lines Different From Water Pipes?

The pipe used for gas lines is made out of black iron, and is essentially a steel pipe with an exterior coating on it. While a galvanized pipe for plumbing has a zinc coating to resist rust, a black iron gas pipe does not have this. Instead, it used a layer of iron oxide to prevent deterioration over the years.

As you may be aware, stainless steel water pipes to break down over time when exposed to water. That zinc protective layer will wear away, and eventually a leak will form in the pipe. That is why galvanized plumbing in older homes is often replaced with copper, because the material is much stronger and resistant to leaks and corrosion.

However, gas lines are not exposed to water, so the pipe material won't deteriorate like it does when used to transport water. It is what makes black iron ideal for natural gas transportation within your home.

If a black iron pipe does break down, there will be different kind of rust on the outside of the pipe that is fluffy. It won't flake off like a galvanized pipe used for transporting water. The pipe can become weak, but it's unlikely to have a natural gas pipe burst in your home.

How Are Gas Lines Installed?

The manufacturing of gas lines is designed to be seamless. Long runs of pipe can be made to fit the nature of the job with a minimal amount of connections. The limited seams help create fewer places where the gas line can be weak. Any time a gas line is cut, the pipe will need to be threaded to connect the joints together. It allows for pipes to fit together tightly by twisting them in place. Teflon tape is used to ensure that no gas will leak out from the joint.

For more information about gas lines, speak to a plumber from companies like Powder  River Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc in your area.