Eventually, the air conditioning system that you depend on to keep your home cool will experience a breakdown that could stop it from cooling your home. You can help to protect your home against many air conditioning problems by being aware of these risks and the steps that can prevent them.

Keep The Air Quality At The Highest Level Possible

Air quality is a factor that many homeowners may not consider when they think of their air conditioning systems. However, an air conditioning system that is dirty can spread dust particles throughout the house, and this can result in dramatic decreases in air quality. Changing the air filters is the most basic thing that you can do to protect the air quality in the house. However, it is not the only step that will need to be followed.

You should also schedule to have your ducts cleaned every few years, and you should thoroughly wash the exterior unit every couple of months. When cleaning the exterior unit, you should focus much of your attention on the coils and intake vents for the system. If you are having difficulty cleaning the exterior unit, there are air conditioning maintenance companies that can handle this routine task.  

Prevent Your Dog From Urinating On The Exterior Unit

Your pets can damage the air conditioning system that your home utilizes through many different ways. However, it can be common for homeowners to overlook the damage that can be caused by a dog urinating on the exterior unit. This waste product will be extremely acidic, and it can cause severe corrosion to the coils, casing, and wiring. While training your dog to stay away from the unit or installing a fence can be a major commitment, not thoroughly protecting your unit will mean eventual air conditioning repairs.

Minimize Instances Of The Unit Freezing

A frozen air conditioning unit can be an issue that may seem like it will only occur during the winter months. Yet the internal components of these systems can become extremely cold during the summer months. If the coils are allowed to get too cold, condensation will gather on the unit and freeze. As this process repeats itself, the amount of ice will gradually increase until there is a thick layer of ice encasing the entire unit. You can reduce the chances of this problem developing through keeping the coils of the system clean by washing them at least once a week.